Travel & Teach Abroad, Internationally Accredited TEFL - TESOL Courses

Lead My World USA is a dedicated higher education pathway organization, with an emphasis on training, coaching and educational advancement. We specialize in programs allowing American students to study in countries like China, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and The Middle East. For other students worldwide, we have study programs aimed at sending students to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries of the Western hemisphere.

In recent years, English has become the common language for global business and academic exchange. There is more demand for English language teachers than ever before. Qualifications in “Teaching English as Foreign Language” (TEFL) are the entry level requirement for native English language instructors when searching for employment. TEFL qualifications also prepare even non-native English speakers for work in EFL environments.

Lead My World believes in the highest standards of professionalism and authentication. We train teachers to become professionals, and to be methodical in their approach to teaching. Our TEFL Certification is not only a method of accreditation for teachers, but builds their confidence in teaching non-English speaking students in a manner that is effective, enjoyable, and follows the contemporary ideology. We do our best to train, coach, certify and assist teachers in finding that perfect EFL job in the location they desire. For more information on teaching jobs, please contact,

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