Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

PMDC, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is a regulatory body to issue practicing license to MBBS graduates. PMDC has stringent rules for admission in medical colleges and Central Entry Test for licensing exams. Council has passed the rulers that total admissions for MBBS shall not exceed 350 in public and 150 in private colleges with 75 seats


All rules regarding House job announced in the gazette of Pakistan Registration of

Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations 2008 are implemented and regulated. A house job is compulsory for full registration with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Only provisionally registered Doctors are be eligible for house job and house job can only commence after provisional registration Any internship done prior to the provisional registration is not be accepted as house job towards attainment of full registration . House job Training is carried out in the hospital recognized by PMDC. The institution providing the house job ensures that the candidate possesses a valid PM&DC Provisional registration for house job when the house job training slot is being awarded. For full registration as a medical practitioner, the house job /Foundation year shall have following criteria:

Following modules as shown in the two modules;

  • Modules of Medicine and Allied————”—six months
  • Modules of Surgery and Allied—————- six months

Each module has to be completed separately, and should be in the same hospital or some other institution recognized by PM&DC.

BLS course is mandatory during house job if not done during the final year. Assessment exam after completion of house job is also mandatory to for a completion certificate.

House job from Abroad. House: Job from abroad in all the teaching hospitals affiliated with accredited medical or dental schools recognized for house job by the Medical Regulatory Authority of the respective country are accepted by PM&DC. House job certificate issued in this regard by such hospitals and verified by the respective Medical Regulatory Authority of the country will be accepted by PM&DC. Provisional registration certificate is issued for one year and may not be extended further without a valid reason. Provisional registration shall is extended till completion of house job for up to maximum of three years from the date of passing final year MBBS examination. Foreign medical or dental graduates, after passing registration examination of National Examination Board of PM&DC may be registered provisionally for house job purposes after notification of the Federal Government and will be required to complete one year mandatory house job from the date of issue of the PM&DC provisional registration. All Public and Private Institutions are responsible to provide a paid house job to their graduates and graduate of any other college doing house job/ foundation year in the institution. Honorary house job in special circumstances will also be allowed in approved public sector hospitals if an applicant and a hospital so desires.

Foreign medical or dental graduates, registered as equivalent to LSMF or LDS after passing registration examination of National Examination Board of PM&DC shall not be awarded a paid house job, however, they may be allowed honorary observer ship for three years in an approved hospital upon a request endorsed by the PM&DC office. After completion of this three year observer ship/ internship, the LSMF or LDS shall be converted into full registration equivalent to MBBS or BDS as the case may be.