USMLE Training Course

Lead My World USA at Capital Medical University, Beijing

FAQ-Questionnaire for recruitment partners

Q. Who will teach USMLE CLASSES?

A. Our partner organization in USA will teach online by American Medical Doctors who specialize in teaching all 3 steps of USMLE preparatory classes including simulations. Some live lectures will be delivered at the campus.

Q. How much does it cost for MBBS-USMLE degree program?

A. 6 year undergraduate degree of MBBS and 3 steps preparatory classes of USMLE including the tuition fee for both, room and board at Capital Medical University Campus in Beijing (double occupancy) and exams fee for all three steps, including books and study materials total cost for 6 years program; US$16500 per year.

Q. What are the benefits of USMLE for medical graduates?

A. MBBS graduates from an IMED/FAIMER recognized university can appear in the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE). The students have to register with ECFMG, prepare and pass all three steps. Successful students may be able to secure a medical hospital for residency and will be able to work in USA as a medical doctor and earn the equal amount of money as American do.

Q. Who will process all the paperwork for students for MBBS and USMLE?

A. All paperwork is handled by the University and the training organization, Lead My World USA.

Q. Are there any additional charges for these services?

A. No_ this is all part of services provided by the Capital Medical University and LMW

Q. What are the additional expenses for a student?

A. Students are responsible for their personal expense; food, visa & lodging in USA and travelling

Q. Can an agent partner charge student extra for this program?

A. It is up to agent to charge their service fee as long as the student and their parents are informed that it is not Capital Medical University expense and disclose it to the student

Q. Does LMW or CCMU guarantee the students their medical degree or success in USMLE EXAMS?

A. No institution or organization can guarantee a degree, success or job, that all depends on student’s ability, conduct and opportunities in the market place.

Q. What are the benefits and features of the MBBS-USMLE program


  1. Preparatory classes by our American partner institute of USMLE for all three steps
  2. Coaching classes at ISCCMU for 4 years including live USMLE lectures
  3. Exams fee for all three steps of USMLE
  4. Health insurance, residence permits, visa extensions for 6 years
  5. Curriculums, books and learning aids including an Apple iPad with internet for 6 years
  6. Double occupancy based room and board for 6 calendar years at the ISCCMU dorm
  7. TCM Institute tuition and certification fees including books and supplies
  8. Acupuncture Institute tuition and certification fee including supplies
  9. Medical Business Administration (MEBA) workshops and Certification
  10. ECFMG membership

Lead MY World has now instituted USMLE preparatory classes with MBBS degree program at the International School of Capital Medical University Beijing Peoples Republic of China. It is important to talk about what USMLE stands for, not from the standpoint of the abbreviation but the VALUE of it. It basically brings MBBS (A 6 year undergraduate clinical medicine degree of Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) graduates to work in the United States, shoulder to shoulder with MD degree holder Doctors if they pass all three steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) with distinction. Here are some informative facts about the USMLE;

United States Medical Licensing Examination is a qualifying test for practicing Medical Doctors in the United States. This examination is endorsed and sponsored by the FSMB - Federation of State Medical Board and the NBME - National Board of Medical examiners

USMLE is a platform to evaluate and assess the ability to comprehend the principles and methodologies of right diagnoses to treatment concepts. The test is comprised of three major steps
Step 1
An examination to assess a candidate’s clinical knowledge and understanding of;

  • Scientific concepts basic medicine
  • Principles and methodology or mechanisms of body health, disease, and different modes and options of treatment and therapy.
  • Fundamental and scientific knowledge of competent practice of medicine
  • Comprehensive knowledge of System and Processes

Step 2

  • In this examination, a candidate is tested on his/her application of knowledge and skills as it relates to the clinical science’s understanding and its supervised application for patient care.
  • Knowledge and skills of human health protection and promotion and disease prevention.
  • Basic rules of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills and medical practice.

Step 2 CK- Clinical Knowledge
Clinical Knowledge is based on an integrated material outline that organizes clinical science along two dimensions: Medical Doctor’s practice and disease category.

  • This one day exam is also divided into blocks.
  • The test format can vary with each block.
  • Each block will have a maximum of 45 items which will be displayed in the beginning of the test.
  • Total items of the blocks will not exceed 355
  • A total of one hour is allotted for each block

Step 2 CS- Clinical Skills
This is one of the most important components of the USMLE. In this segment, examinees are tested on their clinical skills ranging from bedside manners to gathering date from the patients, physical examination to communication skills of conveying facts to the patients and colleagues alike. The examiners watch each step of the candidate with a very critical and minuet observation.
Step 3
In this final step of examination candidates are assessed on their ability to apply their CK and CS of biomedical and clinical science.

  • Candidates are observed for the unsupervised practice of medicine.
  • The emphasis of this test is on patient management in an ambulatory setting.
  • Passing of this exam can lead a candidate to acquiring a license to practice medicine without supervision.
  • The test items are case studies and real patient situations designed by Medical Experts, State Board Members and Medical Academic and nonacademic experts.
  • Evaluation of tasks, Patient’s issues and the severity of conditions, its solution.
  • Patient centered case studies of a clinical encounter and assessment physician’s judgment.
Examination format:
  • It is comprised of an 8 hour d
  • First day an examine has to answer 336 Multiple Choice Items (MCI)
  • These MCIs are divided into 7 blocks with 48 items in each block
  • Abstract or Pharmaceutical associated items may differ in the number of items per block.
  • 2nd day of testing is comprised of 144 MCI divided into 4 Blocks of 36 items. Total time to complete the tasks is 3 hours for these blocks.
  • There is 12 case simulations with a 4 hour completion time.

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME)

NBME was founded in 1915. NBME is an independent, non-profit organization, serving through its high- quality assessments of healthcare professionals. USMLE was developed by NBME and is managed by it. The purpose of licensing exams is to test the core competencies of an individual to practice Medicine in USA. It is important to note that NBME and FSMG co-sponsor the United State Medical Licensing Exams in collaboration with Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). NBME also sponsor PLAS, Post Licensure Assessment System for evaluation of already licensed Medical Doctors. This extends a new common standard between American and International Graduate Doctors. Certification as NBME Diplomat The requirements for NBME Certification as a Diploma are as follow; I will be delighted to answer any further questions about USMLE or MBBS program at CCMU so contact me at
  • Successful completion of USMLE 3 steps or a combination of parts & steps.
  • MD degree from an accredited medical school of LCME, Liaison Committee on Medical Education.
  • Accreditation Counsel on Graduate Medical Education, ACGME’s accredited Internship in Canada