Anti-Terrorism Consultancy

“Terrorism” a word so widely used just like “Socialism” in the 60’s and 70’s, neither one of them in a complementary way. While “Socialism” was an ideology and a fear thereof , Terrorism, Domestic or International, is a reality and its here to stay until and unless we learn to deal with it the right way. We waged our war against Terrorism in 2001 and yet have not accomplished our mission. As a matter of fact ever since we started fighting terrorism, it has franchised itself to be bigger and more lethal day by day.

We have spent over 4.4 trillion dollars to combat terrorism but since 2001 the death toll as a result of terror attacks has gone up 4,500 percent by 2014. There has been 893 suicide attacks which resulted in over 20,000 deaths in Iraq since our occupation. Interestingly, there were no suicide attacks in Iraq prior to our occupation. A Record number of 458 terrorist attacks have resulted in more than 6,000 deaths in Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan since our war on terrorism began and recently over 2,643 people died in the insurgent attacks in Afghanistan.. and counting.

It proves that having the best technology, intelligence and financial resources with the most powerful armed forces in the world, is not enough to win this war or even form a policy that works to control and eradicate it . There is something missing in our intelligence gathering, reliance on allies, policy making and its implementation, drone attacks, war strategy and tactical moves. Perhaps lack of deeper understanding of the root causes, motives and pathology of the enemy and methodology of our “local” steps.

Lead My World’s academic scholars and political scientists have a deeper understanding of the Terrorism issues. Our military scholars have studied , observed and tackled terrorism and insurgency hands on- in the fields, and mostly, in the areas of conflicts. Our deeper understanding of regional cultures, religious misinterpretations and exploiting points gives us an edge over the “boardroom experts” of terrorism.

We offer consultancy to establishments with geopolitical, religious and deep cultural analysis to form a policy and take action steps to combat terrorism from an angle that has not been looked upon by governments and agencies . Our strategies include academic and educational training, Anti Terrorism cultural orientation, psychological warfare against the ideology that flourishes terrorism and social programs to uproot it . We collaborate with institutes, establishments, agencies and organizations to provide training, logistics, intellectual and non-military support in combating terrorism and anarchy.

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