Our Services


Lead My World offers students support and guidance by providing them with services that streamline the application and overseas relocation process.

Support Services Include:

  • Student evaluation and counseling
  • Aptitude test for academic selection
  • University admission requirements test
  • Selection of universities for students
  • Admission process assistance
  • Visa process guidance
  • Student reception service at the airport
  • Student affairs management
  • Student assistance in securing a health permit
  • Student assistance in acquiring a residence permit
  • Campus and city orientation information
  • Survival level Chinese and English language courses

Services In Asia Pacific:

Interview process and selection of students for study abroad, USA:

We interview students to assess their aptitude and their goals. Based on facts provided to us we assist students with their selection of study courses and universities in the USA.

Selection of American colleges or universities:

In this process, a student can select a school based on fees they can afford, areas they like to be in, and ranking of the university/college.

Student compatibility evaluation for the American school and courses:

At student/parent’s request we can conduct a compatibility evaluation to examine if the student will be well suited for the college/university of their choice.

American university fees and expenses analysis:

We serve students/parents in the most transparent manner. We provide them with information on university fees and other estimated expenses while living abroad. Having a good estimate helps people make a realistic budget. Our information is based on the facts gathered from universities and estimated cost of living in the area of residence.

Orientation of the university in a seminar or printed format:

We conduct informative seminars to introduce students/parents to the American university and give them virtual tours of the campus and other facilities to give students/parents an orientation of the school they may choose.

Submission of paperwork to the university in the USA:

We submit all required paperwork and forms on behalf of the student to the universities in the USA. Our process is aligned with the university procedures and regulations. We bear this burden so that the student/parents do not have to worry about it as we have expertise in this field.

Visa application process/fees in the country of residence:

We inform students/parents of the student visa process, fees, and required documents. Upon receiving from students, we process these documents to obtain permission from the universities for the issuing of a visa from the USA. In some cases the American visa counsel expects the student to submit the application on their own but we guide the students all the way through this process.

Communication with the university in the USA:

We have established relations with American universities and are in constant communication with them on issues related to our students. We forward and exchange information with our students/parents and the institutions to prevent any confusion.

Our written communications and commitments:

As a policy, we communicate with our students/parents in writing. We do not make any verbal promises or commitments as these types of commitments can be difficult to articulate. We do not have any agents or sub agents working on our behalf and do not collect fees on behalf of the university until the visa application is approved. All transactions are done with documentations and receipts.

Services In The USA

Submission of paperwork for the USA student visa:

Our staff works in the USA to help deliver the paperwork to the universities on your behalf. Our American staff is diligent and understands the American system to do things efficiently.

First time airport pick up:

As our overseas students arrive at the airport, our American staff will pick our students up at the airport to assure a safe and comfortable arrival at the university campus. This service makes students feel at home in America and we provide this service because we know how stressful it is to be in a foreign country, trying to find your way around.

Student accommodation arrangement from different options:

We assist our students in choosing their accommodations in the USA. We know about the universities and their vicinities so, we can advise students of their available options upon request.

Student orientation of the campus in USA:

Our staff is present at the university campus to give you an on campus tour and orientation to make the student feel comfortable. The university provides a welcome kit (upon request) that includes information about the campus and emergency numbers.

Living guide of the city and campus for students:

In the student welcome kit, we include a living guide of the city with important landmarks, restaurants, apartment complexes, and a city map to properly orient the students.

Emergency contact in USA:

Lead My World has appointed an emergency contact in America, who is in constant communications with our staff in your country of residence. This person can be reached for any emergencies.

Travel and tour service for visiting parents in the USA:

As an added service, should a student’s parents decide to travel to the United States of America for tourism, we can appoint a person to arrange these services upon request. The price of the tour and travel will be presented to the parents for their decision.

Academic and personal counseling:

We provide academic and personal counseling to students to guide and nurture them. This counseling does not cost students anything. This our way of saying thank you for making the right choice by allowing Lead My World USA to be your guide and mentor in the process of realizing your academic goals