Study and Work in USA

International students often do not realize that they are legally allowed to work on campus after their successful completion of first term. All they have to do is inquire about it and express their interest to the designated person at the university. Some restrictions apply to this as it relates to hours of the week and nature of work.

International students are also allowed to work under (Government OPT regulation) Optional Practical Training rule in their respective field after completion of a two years of studies. An international student who intends to enroll in a 4 year bachelor program can essentially complete a 2 year associate degree and get permission under OPT rules to work for one year and return to school for two more years to complete the bachelor degree and upon graduation, work for one more year in the field of education he or she received.

Restrictions apply and this has be coordinated with the school administration. Lead My World works with school administration to assist students with and other services.

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