Corporate Training


People bring common talents and traits compounded with unique personalities in work places. Corporations and organizations are like miniature countries with multitude of racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, geopolitical, demographic and psychographic combinations. People act and react differently under similar situations and unless standard operational procedures are instituted by a strong leadership in a work environment, running businesses could become a daunting task of managing conflicts. One of the most important aspects yet least paid attentions to in business is Training. Team building, project management and risk analysis are directly related to profitability of any entity be it a small unit or a large company. There is a reason why American corporations spend over $60 Billion in training each year!

Lead My World prides itself in finding sustainable solutions for business issues and human resource situations. We look at problems as opportunities, disputes as equitable partnerships and conflicts as the opportunities of resolution for profits and growth of organizations. Our strength lies in special circumstances parlay, union and contract negotiations, training and awareness of Multicultural dimensions effecting businesses globally. We specialize in;

  • Sensitivity training
  • Cross cultural education
  • Project development & project management
  • Research and Philanthropic NGO collaborations & monitoring
  • Corporate training and individual development (personal coaching)
  • Leadership, individual development and teambuilding
  • Risk analysis, risk reduction & agile sustainability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Counter terrorism & Global business outlook
  • System integration for higher productivity & profitability

Our satisfied clients through the years include successful individuals and corporations, a few are listed below;

Education Industry:

  • Capital Medical University Beijing
  • International School Training Center Beijing
  • Sichuan Medical University
  • Peking University Beijing
  • Namseoul University Korea
  • ACT- Beijing Ling Hang Ren Sheng International Education

IT Industry:

  • Disk Doctors USA-Canada (68 locations)
  • Netverge Technology USA
  • Telepresence project for BAT

Hospitality industry:

  • MHM
  • Richfield Hotel Management Company
  • Sunbest Hotels
  • Altamonte Springs Marriott
  • Ocala Hilton
  • Greensboro Marriott
  • Capital Plaza Hotel
  • Peppertree properties
  • Ashville Hilton and other resorts

Engineering manufacturing:

  • Metal Formings Ltd.
  • Watt N Volt Co.
  • C Consortium Pvt. Ltd.
  • Boashida Engineering
For further information on our expertise, please contact;